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Special assistance: in the terminal

Access to the terminal building is via revolving doors, which can be slowed by pressing a button. All public facilities are on the ground floor and are wheelchair friendly.

Facilities for the hard of hearing and partially sighted

Induction loops have been installed in the terminal and can be found wherever you see 'sympathetic ear' signs. Tactile signage is in place at the entrance to the toilets.

Our airport directional signs are black on yellow, providing optimum contrast to assist all passengers.

Help points

The designated help points at Aberdeen Airport are located in the short stay car parks and in the drop off forecourt area. Reserved seating is provided beside the forecourt telephones while you wait for assistance from G4S. All help points are clearly signposted.

Special assistance help desk

Our special assistance desk is located inside the main terminal building, directly ahead of the front door. It is manned by a member of our assistance team, G4S, when they are available. If the desk is not manned please use the phone to request assistance. The desk is clearly signposted. The special assistance area provides the following additional features:

  • Reserved seating
  • Space for wheelchair users
  • Low level flight information screens.

It will provide users and their companions with a central meeting point to co-ordinate the movement of those being assisted through the terminal prior to passing through security.

Security checks

The safety and security of our passengers is our number one priority. All passengers must pass through security control before they enter the departure lounge.

At the x ray loading point you will need to remove all outer jackets and belts. Items such as mobile phones/cameras or other electrical devices along with metallic items (keys/purse) must be removed from trouser pockets for x-ray screening. If your shoes contain metal please remove them for screening but also note that a random element of passengers will also be requested by Security staff to remove footwear for x-ray screening.

The requirement for physical body search will be reduced for those passengers who can walk through the Security archway (a distance of approximately five metres – a walking stick can be provided).

Wheelchair users will inevitably activate the archway metal detector and our security staff are obliged to hand search passengers who activate the alarm. Therefore, passenger and chair will be searched. However, you can ask to be searched in private, away from the main security control area, if you prefer.


Accessibility to and from the aircraft for passengers with impaired mobility is normally by a covered ambu-lift vehicle. In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to use a stair-climbing chair. Contact your airline and G4S if you require the use of an ambu-lift for access to/from the aircraft.


Wheelchairs are provided free of charge for use throughout the terminal. Please call G4S 48 hours before arrival at the airport to arrange the use of a wheelchair.


There are unisex wheelchair-accessible toilets before and after security. Parents travelling with children are welcome to use the unisex toilets.

For further enquiries about special needs assistance at Aberdeen Airport please call +44 (0)844 481 6666. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, please call the Aberdeen minicom service on Minicom +44 (0)141 585 6161.

Airport parking

Airport parking

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