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Bourgas - Bulgaria

Fly from Aberdeen Airport to Bourgas and enjoy historical and welcoming seaside resorts on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

Old Nessebar
This UNESCO Heritage-listed site is packed with more than 3 millennia of history and many ancient civilizations. Wander around narrow, cobblestone streets and explore ruins of around 40 churches built throughout the history.

Ravadinovo Castle
Located just a few miles from Sozopol, Ravadinovo Castle is a unique tourist addition to the area. Although this is not a historical structure and its design can be described as slightly unusual for the area, it is a spectacular and romantic place to visit.

Strandja Nature Park
Strandja Nature Park is the largest protected area in Bulgaria located near the Strandja Mountains. This wildlife paradise presents diverse fauna and flora and offers a range of outdoor activities from hiking trails to horse riding and cultural explorations.

Corfu - Greece

Fly from Aberdeen Airport to Corfu, a sunny Greek Island in the Ionian Sea and explore its history and heritage of the Old Town and wander on one of the many beautiful beaches.

Vlacherna Monastery
Sometimes also called Vlaheraina Monastery, located close to the southern tip of the Kanoni peninsula, this monastery is one of the most iconic landmarks of Corfu. Small but very charming and atmospheric, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Small village, situated in the North-east of Corfu, has developed from a small fishing village into a popular tourist resort with high-quality accommodation and small local cafes along with beautiful views and coastline walks.

Beaches in Paleokastritsa
Paleokastritsa is a beautiful village along Corfu’s rocky north-west coastline. With six beaches of turquoise water and white sand, this resort is one of the most popular on the island. There are many companies offering boat trips around the area.

Dalaman - Turkey

Fly from Aberdeen Airport to Dalaman, the famous spot on the Turkish south coast and enjoy white sand beaches, blue-green waters and the great nightlife it has to offer.

Nights out in Marmaris
Start off with a dinner on a yacht and continue your evening in one of the many party establishments packed in the heart of Marmaris. Famous for its night life, Marmaris offers everything from karaoke bars and 60s disco to high-end modern nightclubs.

Sedir Island
This beautiful island, also known as Cleopatra Island due to its famous historical visitor, is famous for its beach made of seashells, which gives it its unique characteristics. It is said that some of the sand has been brought over from the Red Sea itself for Cleopatra and Mark Antonius.

Olu Deniz Bay
Famous for its famous Blue Lagoon beach, this bay and its well-known beach is one of the most popular and photographed areas in Turkey. This blue flag-winning sand beach is also surrounded by beautiful national park in the background.