Connecting at Aberdeen

We do our best to make your transfer trouble-free but please help us by allowing plenty of time between your connecting flights, especially if your baggage has not been checked through to your final destination.

If you are connecting from an international flight to a UK flight you need to pass through passport control.

Please be aware that there isn't anywhere to sleep in the airport. You must therefore make stopover arrangements if your connecting flights are separated by an overnight stay. If you haven't yet found somewhere to stay you can book an airport hotel with us.

Passengers who are stopping over simply need to leave the airport via passport control, baggage reclaim and Customs, then check in as normal the following day.

Aberdeen flight connections FAQs

Do I need to collect my baggage at Aberdeen?

Your baggage may be through-checked to your final destination, but please confirm this with your airline as not all airlines offer this service. In the event that your baggage is not through-checked you must collect your cases from the baggage reclaim hall in arrivals and then check your bags in as normal for the second leg of your journey.

Where do I get my boarding card?

Usually you will have been issued with all necessary boarding cards at your original point of departure. If this is not the case please contact your airline for advice.

What is my minimum connection time?

Minimum connection times vary depending on your route and your carrier. Please confirm this information with your airline.

What should I do if my flight into Aberdeen is delayed?

If you are delayed and are likely to miss your onward flight, go to your airline desk on arrival. Your airline representative will be able to advise you of your options.

Who can I ask for help?

Please send a free text message to 80800 starting with the word 'airport' and stating your question or feedback.  A member of the airport team will be able to assist you further.