Keeping health and safety alive

Campaign Origin

“Play the clown, Pay the Price” is a unique campaign designed to keep this vital subject fresh in all our minds. It can be used in any industry or organisation and is relevant to each and every one of us.

The campaign is the product of a unique collaboration between Aberdeen International Airport, the media/marketing students at the Robert Gordon University and a group of professional advertising and marketing agencies from across the north-east of Scotland. The big challenge was to provide an answer to the question – “How do we keep health and safety alive”?

The entire initiative has been planned, funded and facilitated by Aberdeen International Airport (just one of a number of its stakeholder engagement programmes) and the creative design/artwork is now available (at no cost) to any business or organisation who wishes to use it.

How to get the campaign

The campaign contains a range of imagery focussing on subjects from construction settings to road crossing; trips, slips and falls anywhere; and even hand-washing and tummy-bugs!

Artwork is available for the production of a range of posters (from A4 size up to 6-sheet posters and even 48-sheets for road-side use!). Floor and wall decals are also included as well as decals for use in welfare areas. Choose what suits your organisational needs best.

Artwork available for:

  • A1, A2, A3, A4 series posters (suitable for all environments)
  • 6 sheet posters
  • 48 sheet posters
  • Stickers, floor and wall decals

To order your campaign pack, contact