The investment in Aberdeen Airport continues

Work is just starting on the latest stage of developments at Aberdeen Airport, to help keep the Dyce terminal one step ahead of the credit crunch.

In a year of record spend, passengers are about to notice even more changes with two major projects starting up.

Over the coming days hoardings will go up around an area of the short-stay carpark, to allow for work to start on a new parking deck. The £5 million multi-storey will provide around 500 additional spaces, according to the airport’s Development Manager Dan Peck.

“The times-scale of this work is quite unique” he said “It begins in May and will be finished by September, which is roughly a quarter of the time that a project like this would usually take. We are determined to deliver this with the least amount of disruption”

“Also, as bizarre as it seems, an increase in the number of short-stay spaces will in fact result in less local road congestion. The more parking opportunities there are at the airport, the less likely people are to be dropped off or picked up. They will simply leave their car here, helping free up the roads network.”

“I really want to stress to passengers that we will have this project complete as quickly and efficiently as possible and the result will be of huge benefit to everyone”.

At the same time, a major refurbishment of the catering inside the terminal itself is already underway. Some of the main changes will include the complete refurbishment of the ‘Food Hub’, which is being transformed into ‘The Kitchen’, a brand new bar in departures, and changes to the coffee bars throughout.

This is thanks to a new catering partner at the airport, TRG, who are bringing with them a host of bespoke services for the terminal and a significant investment.

Kevin Brown, the airport MD said “this is a very exciting time, and a very exciting year for Aberdeen Airport. We celebrate our 75th birthday this summer and it is fitting that we can be announcing yet more significant investment at this time”.

“Of course everyone is aware of the effects of the credit crunch on the whole of the UK, however this year’s record spend puts us in a really good place now, and when the economy picks back up”.


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