Aberdeen Airport donation that could save a life

Two local charitable groups have received donations from Aberdeen Airport that really could help save lives.

The Aberdeen Mountain Rescue and Aboyne Cardiac Rehabilitation Class have both taken delivery of state-of- the art defibrillator machines – donated to them by the airport.

The airport was forced to replace the machines in the terminal with the arrival of a new supplier, however the existing machines could still be put to good use, according to Airport Fire Watch Manager Craig Dow.

He said “We are always keen to help local community groups as much as we can, so the replacement of these machines seemed a great opportunity. Equipment like this can be expensive for charitable groups to buy and we were happy to help. The thought that we might be able to help them save lives is fantastic”.

Mario di Maio is the spokesman for the Aberdeen Mountain rescue who took delivery of two of the machines. He said “Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team is extremely grateful for the donation of Defibrillators which will significantly enhance the Team’s ability to respond to casualties who have suffered a serious cardiac event. The Team aims to provide a range of first aid and first responder skills for those unfortunate enough to be injured or who become ill whilst in the mountains, and the Defibrillators will greatly extend our capability when dealing with seriously ill casualties.”


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