Aberdeen airport launches noise insulation consultation scheme

Aberdeen Airport has kicked off a noise insulation consultation scheme as part of a commitment to operating the airport in a responsible and sustainable way.

Details of the proposed scheme are being outlined in a public consultation which is being sent to communities affected by living near the airport flight path.

This will apply to residential properties that lie within what is called the '66 decibel contour', a measurement of noise set out by the UK air regulator the Civil Aviation Authority.

By using this measurement, Aberdeen Airport's scheme falls into line with similar ones already in place at airports including Glasgow, Edinburgh and Gatwick.

Recent studies by the CAA have shown that Aberdeen's noise footprint has shrunk in recent years. That can be attributed to a number of features including local noise monitoring, noise limits imposed for day and night flying, fines for airlines who breach these limits, and a new generation of quieter aircraft.

This consultation scheme allows local residents who live within the CAA's recommended boundary to apply for the total cost of installing secondary glazing to existing windows OR 50% towards the cost of installing standard double-glazed PVCu replacements windows OR 50% towards the cost of high spec replacement windows specifically designed to minimise noise impacts.

A clause has also been put into the consultation that would allow those with high standard windows to apply for other forms of noise insulation.

Full details of the scheme can be found here.

The project has been phased to include residential properties in the affected areas over a period of years, with those most affected being addressed first. Residents were brought up to speed on the scheme late last week when it got underway and so far the feedback has been positive.

Aberdeen Airport Managing Director Kevin Brown said "We are particularly proud of our city and our airport. However with that pride comes a sense of responsibility.

"So long as people want to fly there will be a degree of noise from aircraft. We cannot make the noise go away altogether but we are showing our commitment to taking action where it can minimise the effects on our neighbours."

The consultation scheme is open until the end of June, with the proposed phased project running until 2012.

Full details of the consultation scheme


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