Aberdeen Airport welcomes passengers back

Aberdeen Airport is slowly returning to business as usual, as the dust settles on an unprecedented period in aviation history.

For almost a week flights right around the UK and Europe were grounded amid safety fears over a plume of ash from the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull which was hanging over the airspace. International guidelines deemed it unsafe to fly due to the effect that ash had on aircraft systems.

But then on Tuesday (20th April) night an announcement was made which changed everything. Confirmation by the CAA and the DfT that all UK airspace had been re-opened after the latest safety case was made and the air was declared safe to fly through.

Aberdeen Airport had in fact been opened on Tuesday but serving a very limited programme of destinations. Wednesday progressed more and more flights came back on, returning the airport to some form of normality.

Aberdeen Airport Managing Director Kevin Brown said he was relieved. "There was a huge sense of relief when the news came through that the UK airspace had been opened again.

"Despite Aberdeen Airport being operational on Tuesday, we were still working to a very limited programme and therefore there were not many people passing through the terminal at all.

"Coming into the airport on Wednesday first thing to see destinations back up on our screens such as Paris, Heathrow, Stavanger and Copenhagen again was a great sight.

"This ash cloud has had huge implications for the airport, economic implications for airlines and for our retailers and for the wider business and tourism community.

"I want to say a huge thank you to our passengers for their continued patience. The whole episode has been unprecedented and people around the North-east have coped with it so well. They have listen to all the advice and acted accordingly, and have been incredibly understanding. For that reason we are working very hard to make sure that patience is rewarded and things can get back to full schedules asap.

"Praise also should go to our teams across the airport who have worked incredibly hard. It goes to show what a good team we have here, from airlines to handling agents to retailers and cleaners, everyone has rolled up their sleeves to help each other out. It is that airport community spirit that has got us though.

"Now we are looking forward to welcoming the rest of our passengers back - and to helping people back into the North-east who have been stranded around the globe."


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