Aberdeen Airport clean bill of health

Teams from Aberdeen Airport received a special visitor today – as Dame Carol Black, National Director for Health and Work, took the opportunity to personally present a Bronze Healthy Working Lives award to staff, during a visit to Aberdeen.

The health and wellbeing of staff is vital to the success of the airport. The Healthy Working Lives Programme has offered a useful framework to introduce health and wellbeing initiatives.   The criteria for Bronze requires organisations to demonstrate meeting minimum health and safety requirements including having a health and safety policy, having solid procedures for accident reporting, and having people trained in first aid.

To qualify for the Bronze Award the team had to promote a number of health topics, chosen from the results of an all staff survey. This led to the development of the “Health Promotion Plan”, which outlined the health promotion events to be delivered during the course of the year.

Dame Carol Black said” Aberdeen Airport’s success in winning the Health Working Lives Bronze Award is testament to the firm’s commitment to its most valuable asset - its staff. They have brought in a range of simple, but effective measures that give everyone working for them a way to improve their health and wellbeing, and which in the long term cuts sickness absence and creates a more productive workforce.

“The company is a shining example of what an employer can achieve in the workplace to the benefit of both employees and the business.”

Kate Martin is the airport Occupational Health nurse working with Duradiamond Healthcare. She said: “From an Occupational Health perspective, working with Aberdeen Airport to achieve this award has shown a great interest from staff towards healthy living, which in turn, has had a positive impact on overall health and wellbeing within the workplace. It involved the staff in a variety of health promoting activities has shown a greater awareness of illness prevention with a resulting reduction in sickness absence.”

Airport Head of Health and Safety Steven Law said: “2011 so far has been an active one from a health promotion perspective with workshops on men’s health delivered, summer safety campaigns, Lyme disease awareness and a series of healthy recipes issued as part of a healthy eating focus. Our OH Advisor completed blood pressure and cholesterol checks for staff and we participated in a Walk at Work Challenge that saw 50 staff wearing pedometers over a 12 week period.”

The Healthy Working Lives Programme was launched to encourage employers to promote a healthier workforce and covers a wide range of topics including health promotion, occupational health and safety, employability, mental health and well-being, community involvement, and health and the environment.  The Programme is supported by 14 teams across Scotland and the Grampian Health and Work Team are currently supporting over 200 organisations to support and maintain a total of 98 Awards.

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