Free Wi-Fi is coming soon

It is a service offered by only a handful of airports in the UK, and Aberdeen International Airport is preparing to join that select group.

Today we can confirm that customers using the Dyce terminal will soon be able to access completely free Wi-Fi right around the terminal.

The service will be officially launched just one week from now, on Tuesday 2nd April, and will offer totally unlimited access to the network for passengers in all public areas of Aberdeen International’s main terminal building, both before and after security.  

A number of airports currently offer a limited service, often restricted to a few free minutes followed by a paid period. The team in Aberdeen have taken the decision to move one step further and open up the service, on an unlimited basis, for all customers, in partnership with BT.

Last year, a number of passengers were interviewed as part of the process to create the recently launched customer charter. Of the 300 plus people interviewed, a large number said that free Wi-Fi would be the one thing that Aberdeen International could introduce to improve the customer experience. It is also one of the most frequently asked questions by passengers to the team.

Roger Hunt is the airport Operations Director. He said: “When we launched the charter back in January, investigating our Wi-Fi capabilities was a key commitment. I am delighted that we are now in a position to confirm this important development publically. It will provide our customers with the connectivity that they expect from a forward-thinking airport, and will be of benefit to our business and leisure passengers in equal measure.

Brendan Dick, director, BT Scotland said: “We’re really excited to be working on this project with Aberdeen International Airport, bringing free, unlimited wi-fi to one of the busiest terminals in the UK. With passengers bringing smartphones and tablets on their journey, wi-fi on the move is an essential service for any airport. We’re seeing travellers check out flight information, book ahead at their destinations and catch up on work. Free wi-fi is also really important for younger travellers – or business travellers through the week. If they’re connected and not missing out, they’re happier while waiting for flights.”

Tom Smith is the chairman of ACSEF (Aberdeen City and Shire Economic Future), who have been working in recent months on improved broadband connectivity for the whole of the region. He reacted positively to the announcement: “This service will be hugely welcomed by business and leisure passengers. It is a major step forward in our aim to become one of the best digitally connected cities in the UK and represents significant investment by the airport. ACSEF is seeking to radically improve broadband across the region through a joined-up approach that will help attract public and private investment in major upgrades to both infrastructure and service.”

The new free service will be available to passengers from the start of business on Tuesday 2nd April 2013. In phase one of the project it will be offered in the main passenger terminal only. 

Those wishing to access the new system will be directed, in the first instance, to a one-time registration screen. Thereafter each individual device, be that a laptop, tablet or smart phone, will be recognised, and the system can be accessed in future with no further need to log on.  


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