Passenger numbers February 2013

Aberdeen International Airport has recorded a disappointing dip in passenger numbers, compared to the previous year.

Figures for February 2013 were down 1.2% on the same month in 2012. There was growth of 1.7% recorded in the fixed-wing passenger number. The helicopter operation continues to face challenging times, recording a drop of 15.1%.  

Commercial Director Carol Benzie explained the reasons behind the overall drop. “There were two factors which affected our most recent set of passenger figures. Firstly, the on-going issues with the helicopter fleet had an impact on the numbers we report, and we are maintaining close communication with the helicopter operators to understand the developments as they evolve. Also, February last year had one extra day in it, owing to the leap year, and therefore our stats for 2013 are negatively impacted by the loss of one working day.”

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