Aberdeen Airport responds to APD commitments

It was very reassuring to read the Smith Commission report when it was published earlier today and to see the devolution of APD to Scotland taking prominence in the report as a key recommendation.

The Commission was called to look into what powers could be devolved north of the border as a result of the recent referendum.

Aberdeen International Airport MD Carol Benzie said: “I am delighted to read the Smith report and see firm commitments regarding the devolution of Air Passenger Duty to the Scottish Parliament.

“APD has been a thorn in the side of our industry for many years now, and ultimately it is our customers and passengers who bear the brunt of it. In a recent submissions to the Commission I, alongside my colleagues from Glasgow and Edinburgh airports, made a strong case that the Scottish aviation industry could flourish on a global scale if this tax were to be reduced or ultimately abolished north of the border. This view was also reflected in submissions from across the political and business divide around the country.

“We now look forward to dialogue with the Scottish Government in order to establish the details of exactly what the future of this damaging tax will be when placed under Scottish control.”



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