Get ready for security – the summer get-away

With just days until the school holidays start, Aberdeen International Airport is gearing up to help get the summer season off to a flying start.

On Friday alone, over 7,000 people are expected to pass through security, making it one of the busiest days of the year so far. The airport team is getting mobilised to help make all of those journeys as smooth as possible. That includes work to train up office staff that can assist during busy times, plenty to keep the kids entertained and engineers on-site to ensure all equipment performs to the required standard.

Some of the top destinations over the coming days include Dalaman, Tenerife and Reus, with flights through the hubs also expected to be busy as people jet off to the corners of the globe.

With thousands expected to pass through security, passengers are asked to get prepared before they arrive, which will speed up the whole process. The rules are simple as far as travelling with any liquids, gels or pastes are concerned. Containers over 100ml have to go into checked-in baggage, and under 100ml can be carried in hand luggage as long as they all fit inside one of the regulation sized clear plastic bags which are available throughout the airport.

Making sure you are prepared before arriving at security makes a real difference to how long you will wait. Figures from the security team show that a passenger who is prepared can spend fewer than 30 seconds going through the search process, but someone who arrives in the search area un-prepared can spend nearly 2 minutes. As those 2 minutes multiply, it can be easy to see how queues form, causing frustration for fellow passengers.

Roger Hunt is the Operations Director at the airport, who will be overseeing the summer get-away. He said “At times like this the whole team really pulls together. It is not unusual to see entire rooms full of office staff getting their high-viz on and heading into the terminal to lend a hand. That is often as simple as directing passengers, helping clear tables in the restaurants or handing out regulation clear plastic bags for liquids.

“So much of what we do at peak times like this falls in line with our customer charter commitment. We will never compromise on your safety, hence a strict adherence to the security regulations which will keep you safe as you travel and friendly staff will also be on hand to help you. 

“I really appeal to everyone who is getting ready for their summer holidays to be prepared before they arrive at the airport. Just think about the size of container that any of your liquids are in. Are they over 100ml? If so they need to go into your checked-in bag. Would smaller bottles all fit into one of our clear plastic bags? If not, anything that doesn’t fit should be checked-in also. I cannot stress enough how much these simple actions make will make a difference to your trip through the airport – everything will be much quicker and easier.

“Finally we all wish you a happy and relaxing summer holiday”.


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