JET 727 Bus Increases Frequency - Now Up To Every 10 Minutes

From 5th May 2014, Stagecoach Bluebird will introduce service changes, to the popular JET 727 bus route, from Union Square Aberdeen to Aberdeen International Airport.  An additional 4 buses will be added to the existing fleet of 4 single deck buses currently running on the JET 727 route.

The launch of additional vehicles and increased frequency provides passengers who need to connect with planes, trains, coaches, ferries and helicopters with a fast, frequent and reliable journey to and from Union Square and Aberdeen International Airport. Those on their daily commute will also experience the benefits with a wider choice of times to catch their JET bus to and from work.

The 4 extra buses, allows this service to increase the frequency, reliability and additional stopping points between Union Square and the Haudagain roundabout, before continuing on to Aberdeen International Airport; without impacting on the existing journey times.

  • Additional journey Monday to Friday at 0330 departing Aberdeen, 0400 departing Airport, 
  • Monday to Friday peak frequency increased to every 12 minutes between 0700 and 0900 and then between 1530 and 1730, 
  • Monday to Friday frequency increased to every 10 minutes between 0900 and 1530, 
  • Saturday and Sunday frequency increased to every 20 minutes between 0800 and 2000. 

The existing fleet of Optare Versas serving the route are fitted with Wi-Fi, so customers can continue to use their mobile phones, laptops and tablets to connect to the internet for free while on board, enabling them to relax and enjoy their journey. The additional 4 buses will be upgraded in the forth coming weeks.

Steve Walker Managing Director, Stagecoach North Scotland said: “The JET 727 provides a vital link to and from the city centre to other major transport hubs, in particular the Aberdeen International Airport. The demand for the JET bus 727 service has been growing because it reliable, comfortable and is great value, with tickets starting from £2.80. Opposed to the average £20 cost for using other modes.

We are committed to providing our passenger with the frequency and number of buses they need to satisfy this demand, so this is an important substantial commitment to one route. We hope even more people will use the JET 727 bus service, whilst enjoying a relaxing journey, with comfortable seating, extra leg room and the great value tickets."



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