Terminal redevelopment moves a step closer

A key part of the enabling works to allow for the launch of the airport terminal expansion and redevelopment has been completed.

Passengers and staff have started using the new vestibule, which replaced the ageing revolving door at the front of the terminal, creating a bright and airy welcome to the terminal.

The project to replace the entrance cost in the region of £1 million. That includes the new vestibule, on-going work to level out the old road surfaces which were still visible from the days when cars accessed the front door of the airport, replacement of floor surfaces on the inside of the new vestibule, new ceiling tiles, new advertising sites and structural changes to the terminal exterior.

Meanwhile the announcement of the main contractor for the redevelopment project is expected imminently. Phase one of the main project will see the demolition of the old DHL building which will make space for the construction of the terminal extension. Demolition is due to begin in the third quarter of 2014.

Delivered over three years at a cost of £15 million, it will see the complete transformation of the airport, with a relocated and expanded security search area, a larger departure lounge, new baggage belts and improved executive lounges. 

John Deffenbaugh is the new Head of Terminal Redevelopment. He explained what has been happening behind the scenes over recent months. “We have spent a lot of time finalising the detail of our plans with the architects. This has been an extensive piece of work ranging from meaty discussions about load-bearing walls to a multitude of smaller conversations on subjects like where power sockets need to go.

“At the same time we launched the process to approve a lead contractor for the work and we hope to make that announcement soon.

“Everyone is looking forward to the official start of phase one when we can say that the redevelopment is well and truly underway.”


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