Fly from Aberdeen Airport to Enontekio (Finnish Lapland) with Transun!

See the Northern Lights first-hand!

The Northern Lights have never been closer than when you visit Enontekio.  Take in the fabled and elusive aurora borealis on the exclusive Arctic expedition with Transun!

Selection of fun activities

After you've taken in the lights, enjoy some amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  Try riding snowmobiles along frozen rivers, travel through frozen forests by reindeer or enjoy the thrill of being zipped along the snowy landscapes by a team of husky dogs!

Unique accommodation

Choose to stay in a luxurious, cosy log cabin or experience nature to its fullest by opting for a night in an igloo! There is even an ice hotel option for those who like something a little different. 


Ice fishing

Arrive at a frozen lake by snowmobile and try your hand at the unique method of traditional ice fishing. Drill through the icy waters and see how locals catch their food.

Cross-country ski school

Grab a guide and learn how to cross-country ski across beautiful Lapland.  It's one of the healthiest forms of exercise and will give you a real breath of fresh air!

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