Sun-soaked Ibiza is one of the liveliest and diverse tourist destinations in Europe.

Can Marça Caves

Found in the north of Ibiza in the Port of Saint Miquel, these caves are one of the main tourist attractions due to their ancient geological formations and beautiful waterfalls and channels that have been lovingly recovered to allow visitors to enjoy the serene and fascinating surroundings.

Amnesia Nightclub

No night out in Ibiza would be complete without a trip to Amnesia, more of a clubbing institution than a nightclub, and birthplace of the Balearic Beat and the Acid House phenomenon. World famous resident DJs, ice cannons and foam parties are a nightly occurrence – what more could you ask for?

Hippy Market Punta Arabi

The original market in Ibiza and one of the largest!  Available from April to October every Wednesday, shoppers can expect to find the many handmade treasures from all over the world – all huddled in winding paths of pine trees and bungalows.  It’s a real authentic Spanish shopping experience.



Ibiza’s more than 200km long impressive coastline and the crystal-clear waters are ideally suited for diving. Beginners are invited to join the diving courses, more experienced divers can take part in in guided tours to discover the sea beds in the National Park of Las Salinas, which were given the UNOESCO World Heritage Site status in 1999.

White Churches

Each town owns a typical white church which were built not only for religious purposes but also for defence because Ibiza was vulnerable to pirate attacks. Admire the simple but beautiful design of the churches and catch a glimpse of some cultural works such as altarpieces.

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