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Experience the renowned Geordie charm


Experience the renowned Geordie charm


Experience the renowned Geordie charm

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Fly from Aberdeen Airport to Newcastle, a cultural hotspot on the River Tyne famous for its nightlife and heritage. Pay a visit to Newcastle and be greeted with the famous Geordie charm.

Grey Street and Grainger Town

An architectural marvel located in the historic heart of Newcastle, Grainger Town contains a number of buildings designed by the internationally renowned Richard Grainger in the 1830s. There’s plenty to do there with a range of bars, cafes and restaurants, independent shops and of course the Theatre Royal and Central Arcade.

intu Metro Centre

The intu Metro Centre is Europe’s largest shopping and leisure centre, housing over 330 shops including major department stores right through to some of Newcastle’s best independent boutiques. The Metro is a shopper’s paradise, and when you’ve had enough, make sure you take advantage of a choice of some 60 restaurants, bars, and cafes.

A night on the Toon

No trip to Newcastle would be complete without sampling the famous nightlife scene! There are literally hundreds of bars, gastro pubs and clubs to choose from – why not try the flashy Tup Tup Palace, which has seen visits from Kanye West and Dizzee Rascal in recent years. Alternatively head over to Digital, voted the world’s 12th best club in 2011 and the UK’s best large club in 2010, playing a wide variety of music in an impressive repertoire of themed rooms.

Newcastle Castle

Visit Newcastle Caste and take a look inside the Great Hall, the museum room, the Norman Charpel, the dungeons and more. Learn about the interesting history of the venue and enjoy fascinating views of the river and city from the rooftop. Are you brave enough to join a ghost haunting tour at night?


Enjoy a day on the seaside in Tynemouth situated a half-hour journey with the Metro to the south of Newcastle. Have a walk on the beach, take a look at the ruined Tynemouth Priory and have delicious fish and chips for lunch at Marshall’s on Front Street.

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Activities in Newcastle

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Newcastle

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
13:00 13:50 NCL British Airways BA7844 25/09/23-05/09/24
13:00 13:50 NCL Loganair LM4 25/09/23-12/09/24
15:00 15:55 NCL Eastern Airways T3723 08/01/24-22/03/24
16:20 17:15 NCL British Airways BA7846 29/09/23-06/09/24
16:20 17:15 NCL Loganair LM6 29/09/23-13/09/24
19:25 20:15 NCL British Airways BA7848 01/10/23-01/09/24
19:25 20:15 NCL Loganair LM8 01/10/23-15/09/24
19:45 20:35 NCL British Airways BA7848 25/09/23-05/09/24
19:45 20:35 NCL Loganair LM8 25/09/23-12/09/24

Flights arriving from Newcastle

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:55 07:50 NCL British Airways BA7841 25/09/23-05/09/24
06:55 07:50 NCL Loganair LM1 25/09/23-12/09/24
10:10 11:05 NCL British Airways BA7843 29/09/23-06/09/24
10:10 11:05 NCL Loganair LM3 29/09/23-13/09/24
11:35 12:30 NCL British Airways BA7841 04/01/24-04/01/24
11:35 12:30 NCL Loganair LM1 04/01/24-04/01/24
13:20 14:15 NCL British Airways BA7843 01/10/23-01/09/24
13:20 14:15 NCL Loganair LM3 01/10/23-15/09/24
14:35 15:30 NCL British Airways BA7847 25/09/23-05/09/24
14:35 15:30 NCL Blue Islands SI7007 25/09/23-26/10/23
14:35 15:30 NCL Loganair LM7 25/09/23-12/09/24
16:25 17:20 NCL Eastern Airways T3724 08/01/24-22/03/24

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