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Fly from Aberdeen Airport to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland and one of the most awe-inspiring natural locations in the world.

Geysers, caves and volcanoes
Iceland is a lot more than the home of the infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano, that grounded aviation worldwide when it erupted in 2010. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice with natural hot springs (geysers), sparkling glacier caves and, of course, over 130 volcanoes!

The Aurora Borealis
Otherwise known as The Northern Lights, this spectacular natural lightshow is one of the world's most elusive and unpredictable wonders. Despite being difficult to predict, Iceland offers one of the best geographical locations to witness this defining event first-hand. 

Revel in Reykjavik
Aside from all the delights of Mother Nature, Reykjavik offers some man-made attractions of its own. With a population of just 120,000 visitors can expect less congestion and skyscrapers and more independent museums and galleries, bars, clubs and live local music make this a city not to be missed.

Fields of Krýsuvík
Admire unique views of steaming volcanic vents and boiling hot springs surrounded by multi-coloured hills on the breathtaking fields of Krýsuvík. Walk through the bubbling and hissing geothermal area and learn about the geological background. A special highlight is the steaming massive solfatara on the hilltop.

Open air swimming pool
On your trip to Iceland, don’t miss taking a bath in the public pools around Reykjavik. The water is geothermal or geothermally heated and provide a unique open air experience. While the environment around is icy or snowy, the pools and hot tubes are between 28 °C and 45 °C warm. Also use this occasion for socialising with locals.

Iceland for first-timers
A check-list to get the most out of your trip to Reykjavik and Iceland