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Visit world-renowned ancient Greek attractions


Visit world-renowned ancient Greek attractions


Visit world-renowned ancient Greek attractions

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Fly to Rhodes direct from Aberdeen with TUI

Rhodes is one the most popular Greek islands and it’s not hard to see why. The island is enveloped in superb and ever-stretching sandy beaches while in-land is littered with ancient history, medieval fortifications and picturesque wooded valleys. Sun worshippers can soak up the 300 days of sunshine a year, while divers can explore the crystal-clear waters surrounding the Dodecanese Island. The atmospheric Old Town of Rhodes is a maze of cobbled streets dating back to 14th century and is home to fascinating museums including the Archaeological Museum holding Maltese artefacts spanning over 7000 years. On the east coast lies the town of Lindos which sits beneath the ancient remains of the superbly preserved Acropolis which dates back to the 6th Century BC.

If ancient ruins, stunning stretches of coastline and Medieval palaces aren’t enough to tempt you to this Grecian paradise, then Rhodes’ exquisite culinary scene and famous nightlife may just be the cherry on the cake. With so much to offer and great holiday packages available Rhodes is a ‘colossal’ choice of holiday destination for 2019.

Acropolis of Lindos

First walled in the 6th Century BC, the beautifully preserved Acropolis sits 116 metres above Lindos. The stunning ancient remains include a Temple to Athena Lindia and a 20-columned Hellenistic stoa. The white columns are perfectly silhouetted against the sensational and long-ranging coastal views beyond.

Admission is €12 for Adults and children go free. If you’re making the climb to this popular archaeological site be sure to pack water and wear a hat as there is no shade on the route or at the top.


7km up from the coast lies the forest of Petaloudes; better known as the Valley of Butterflies. If you’re visiting in June, July or August, you’ll quickly see why as thousands of colourful tiger moths descend on the forest. If visiting out of the butterfly season then you’ll have the stunning forest paths, streams and pools, to yourself minus the butterflies.

Street of the Knights

This historic site in Rhodes Town dates back to the 14th Century when the Knights Hospitaller ruled over the city. The street is found is found in the old town of the city often referred to as the Knights’ Quarter. The Knights were divided into seven languages according to their birthplace – England, France, Germany, Italy, Aragon, Auvergne and Provence – each being responsible for defending a section of the fortifications. The street has an ‘Inn’ or palace for each knight and the Grand Master’s towered palace now hosts a fantastic museum exhibit.

The street is open to the public but access to the Palace of the Grand Master is €6.

Archaeological Museum

Considered the best museum in the Dodecanese, the 15th-Century former Knights’ Hospital extends from its main building out into the beautiful gardens. The vast rooms within hold superbly preserved ancient treasures which have been excavated from all over the island, some of which ranging from over 7000 years ago. The biggest highlight of the museum is the exquisite 1st Century BC marble statue, ‘Aphrodite Bathing’, which was recovered from the local seabed.

Admission for adults €8 and children go free.

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