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Aberdeen City guide

Explore Aberdeen

Explore our city

Castles in Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire is home to over 300 castles

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Aberdeenshire whisky trail

Glenfiddich, Glengarioch, Balvenie and more...

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Welcome to the home of golf

Aberdeenshire has over 60 golf courses

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Aberdeen events

Enjoy a packed events calendar

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Immigration and Customs

Be prepared for arrival

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Pick up points

Where to go

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Where to park

Airport parking options

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Airport maps

Find your way around the terminal

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Meeting points

Meet arriving flights

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Shopping and eating offers

  • Delicious breakfast baguettes available

    Grab some breakfast from Joes before your flight

Car rental

Aberdeen food and drink

Aberdeen Angus, North Sea cod and malt whisky...

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World Duty Free

Save on the brands you love

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