Steam Clean Car Wash

Book Steam Clean for your car

Aberdeen International Airport have partnered up with Handl to offer our customers a full exterior cleaning service for your car. 

A cheaper and greener car wash

We use a steam clean process in order to deliver the same  brilliant finish you are used to and with none of the water waste.

Arrive back to a sparkling clean car! 


How does it work?

Handl uses a unique steam cleaning process to valet your car. A high pressure spray will remove all dirt and grime from your car. This is then finished off with a hand polish to deliver a gleaming shine. 

Where do I go?

Handl is located in the Priority and Short Stay car park on the ground floor beside the ramp. Simply pull up in one of the bays and pay for your parking in the customer service office or pre-book and pay for your steam clean with your parking in advance. 

How long does it take?

We aim to deliver your car cleaned in approximately 20-30 minutes. Each car is unique and the service agent can give you a time frame estimate before you pay. 

What about parking?

Just pay for your stay as normal, but make sure you park in one of our extra large cleaning spaces. If you're an elligable taxi driver, you can have your short stay ticket validated on the way out at the customer services office.

Book Steam Clean for your car