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Internet Access

Free Internet at Aberdeen Airport

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GBP = 1065.00 EUR

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Internet access

Wireless internet access (wi-fi)

You can enjoy free high-speed wireless internet access via your notebook computer or handheld device at Aberdeen International Airport.

Your equipment

You'll need a wireless compatible (wi-fi 802.11n) device. Most portable devices have this function built in and many others can be upgraded with a wireless networking card (you can buy these at the airport).

Network providers

Free wireless internet access at Aberdeen International Airport is provided in partnership with BT.

How to connect

  • Turn on your wireless-enabled device.
  • When prompted to choose a wi-fi network, select 'BT Openzone'.
  • Select 'Access Free wi-fi'. 
  • First time users may be asked to register some information. This will only happen once, and thereafter your individual device will be recognised.
  • You will now be connected to the Aberdeen International Airport free wi-fi service.