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Priority Parking


Our Priority Parking is the ultimate car park for comfort and ease. Mainly undercover spaces with larger bays for your convenience.

Priority Parking is located directly across the road from the main terminal building.

Passengers parking in Priority and their traveling party will receive complimentary entry to Priority Security – easing you through to departures, with little or no queuing. Close to the terminal, our car parks operate number plate recognition so you can drive straight up to the barrier when you arrive and again when you leave, for a speedy, fuss-free exit.

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Benefits of using Official Priority Parking

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A VIP Car Park

Parking in Priority comes with FREE access to Priority security so you can ease your way through the airport. Bookings are fully flexible and can be amended, cancelled and refunded up to 24hours before arrival.

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It's safe

Aberdeen Airport's car parks are monitored by CCTV and have regular security patrols to ensure your vehicle remains safe and secure offering 24-hour security. Aberdeen Airport Priority Parking holds the Safe Car Park Award from Police Scotland, and People's Parking accreditation.

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It's weatherproof

Mainly under-cover to keep you and your party dry with large parking bays for your convenience

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Closest car park & convenient

Less than 100 steps from the check-in desks. Large parking bays. Keep your keys. Number plate recognition - no hassle, no fuss.

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How Does Priority Parking Work?

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Arriving at the car park

Priority Parking provides the smoothest transition from your car to your flight. We’ve kept the process as simple as possible to give you a stress-free start to your holiday. Book in advance for the best prices!

Pre-booked: Parking at Aberdeen Airports Priority couldn’t be easier. Drive up to the barrier and wait for your registration to be scanned. Park in one of our wide priority spaces

Roll up: When you arrive at the car park, please drive up to the barrier. Your vehicle registration will be scanned, giving you automatic access to the car park.

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Getting to the terminal

Once you have parked in a secure parking bay, Head across the road to your check-in desk - less the 100 steps. Keep your keys and pass through security faster with priority security.

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Collecting your car at Short Stay

Pre-booked: When you return to your vehicle, simply drive up to the barrier, your vehicle registration will be scanned and the barrier will lift, allowing you to exit the car park.

Roll up: When you return to the Priority car park, make your way to the pay machine, enter your vehicle registration and make your card payment. Once payment has been made, simply drive up to the barrier where your registration will be scanned and the barrier will lift, allowing you to exit the car park.

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