Aberdeen Airport Priority Parking

Priority car park

  • Closest possible parking: Priority Parking is less than 100 steps away from check-in.

  • Exclusive: You cannot pre-book Priority Parking anywhere else other than with us.
  • Save time at Security: Passengers parking in Priority and their travelling party will receive complimentary entry to Priority Security – easing you through to departures, with little or no queuing.
  • Weatherproof: All Priority spaces are under-cover to keep you and your party dry.
  • Secure and trusted: Short stay is staffed 24 hours a day, and has frequent patrols and CCTV monitoring. Aberdeen Airport Short Stay Parking holds the Safe Car Park Award from Police Scotland and People's Parking accreditation..
  • Keep your keys: No waiting around when you park or land.

Prices shown are subject to change and are provided as an indication only. Aberdeen International Airport Limited will not accept any liability in the event of price changes.


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Aberdeen Airport Priority Parking prices

Duration (up to...)Price
15 minutes £3.90
1 hour £8.80
90 minutes £14.30
Up to 3 hours £20.80
Up to 6 hours £33.80
24 hours £52.10
Each additional day or part thereof thereafter £48.10

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