Dropping-off at Aberdeen Airport

Express Drop-off

Express Drop Off

Aberdeen International Airport's Express Drop-off zone is located outside the main terminal building in the upper forecourt. This can be a very congested area and, to ensure the safety and security of all passengers and staff, drivers are charged £3 to stay for up to 10 minutes. Drivers wishing to use parking facilities for more than 10 minutes are advised to use the Short Stay car park.

We recommend that the Short Stay car park is used for dropping off passengers who require extra assistance.  Please see the section below regarding blue badge holders.

If drivers choose to stay in the Express Drop-off for longer than 10 minutes, they will pay a premium charge on exit, as per the below table:

Wait time (up to) Tariff
10 minutes £3.00
30 minutes £10.00
1 hour £30.00
Thereafter per hour or any part of £30

Payment can be made at the forecourt exit barrier using correct change or credit/debit cards, contactless technology is also in place (there is no additional fee for using cards). A change machine is available within the shelter located on the forecourt.

Free passenger drop-off option

There are free spaces for passenger drop-off which are located in the Long Stay car park for a maximum 30 minute stay. Customers can use the free shuttle bus to access the terminal.

Buses and coaches forecourt tariffs

A charged coach area is in operation within the Aberdeen Airport forecourt. An entry lane and barrier system is in place for all buses and coaches to use with designated parking areas. The coach area operates on a tariff structure, as per the below table:

Wait time (up to) Tariff
15 minutes £5.00
30 minutes £10.00
1 hour £16.00
1 to 4 hours* £40.00

*Maximum stay 4 hours.

Blue badge holders

Those carrying blue badges will be given 30 minutes for free within the designated blue badge spaces within the Short Stay car park. Blue badge holders are asked to take a ticket upon their entry to the Short Stay car park, and are directed to validate their ticket at the customer services office, which is located on route to the exit barrier. Blue badge holders using the forecourt will be charged the standard drop-off rate.

Car park tariffs

Outwith the charged forecourt area, car parking tariffs can be found by clicking on the appropriate car park below:

Express Drop-off T&Cs

Click here for Express Drop-off T&Cs