Aberdeen International Airport Consultative Committee

Welcome and history of the Committee

Welcome to the new website of the Aberdeen International Airport Consultative Committee (AIACC). The Consultative Committee provides a regular forum for the management of the airport to discuss matters related to airport operations and developments with a range of representatives of the wider Aberdeen City and Shire communities.
All airports in the UK are required under civil aviation law to have a recognised means of consultation with the communities affected by their operations. Most airports do this through an airport consultative committee, as we do in Aberdeen. 
The Aberdeen Committee has a long history, having been set up in 1953, when the erstwhile War Office invited the Clerk of the former Aberdeenshire County Council to establish a consultative committee. Of course, our membership and interests have changed over the years and our agendas have become more complex and varied to reflect developments in the aviation industry and the growth of the airport in recent decades.
We have no executive powers within the airport management structure, but seek to work with the management of the airport in an advisory and consultative capacity, on issues ranging from the impact of noise arising from operations on the airfield to the role of the airport in the economic development of the City and Shire. The following pages give more information about us, our membership and the main items we have been discussing recently.


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A brief history

Formed in 1953 when the War Office invited the Clerk of Aberdeenshire Council to establish a consultative committee. For more than two decades, the UK's largest airports have had a statutory obligation to maintain a mechanism for consultation with local stakeholders on their operation which is independent of local management and has no executive powers.

Our stated aim is to provide a structured forum for the two way exchange of information between the airport operator and members of the Committee, who represent a wide cross section of stakeholders from society in Aberdeen City and Shire, which is independent of all stakeholder interests.

See the Department for Transport guidelines for Airport Consultative Committees


Next meeting date

The next Aberdeen International Airport Consultative Committee meeting will be held on Friday 9 March 2018 at Aberdeen International Airport.  

The subsequent meeting is planned for Friday 2 March 2018.



The agenda for the next meeting can be downloaded below.

AIACC Agenda 1 December 2017


Minutes from the most recent meeting are listed below:

AIACC Minutes 2 September 2016

Get involved

Want to attend a Consultative Committee meeting, or have an issue you wish to have added to the agenda for the next meeting?  Contact chairman@aiacc.org.uk.