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Assistance Equipment

Available assistance equipment at Aberdeen Airport

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Access to and from the aircraft for passengers with reduced mobility who cannot manage the aircraft steps is normally by use of a fully covered and enclosed Ambulift vehicle. The Ambulift vehicle facilitates the transfer from the ground level to the aircraft cabin. In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to use a stair-climbing chair.



ABM provide a range of wheelchairs throughout the terminal. However, if preferred, you can retain the use of your own wheelchair or mobility aid until you board the aircraft or on arrival from the point that you disembark. If you wish to use your own wheelchair, please ensure that the airline and ABM are aware.

Should the mobility equipment contain any parts which may become loose during transportation or that are not fully or securely attached then this must be highlighted to the airline, their agent or ABM at the check-in counter or gate so that appropriate arrangements can be made prior to flight departure.


Aisle chairs

ABM use aisle chairs to assist in transferring passengers with reduced mobility within the aircraft cabin to their seat. 


Damage to mobility equipment

In the unlikely event that on arrival of your flight you find that your mobility equipment is damaged or cannot be used by you safely, we will arrange and pay for local providers to supply temporary replacement equipment (albeit not necessarily on a like for like basis) or if possible by temporarily lending you our equipment.

However, liability for the damage (fixing or replacing the equipment) is with the airline.

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