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Information on assistance during security checks

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The safety and security of our passengers is our number one priority. All passengers must pass through security control before they enter the Departure Lounge.

ABM will take passengers receiving assistance to the Security Area by using the Priority Security Lane.

At the x-ray loading point you will need to remove all outer jackets and belts. Items such as mobile phones/cameras or other electrical devices along with metallic items (keys/purse) must be removed from trouser pockets for x-ray screening. If your shoes contain metal please remove them for screening but also note that a random element of passengers will also be requested by Security staff to remove footwear for x-ray screening. ABM will assist in preparing you for and during the security check.

The requirement for physical body search may be reduced for those passengers who can walk through the Security archway (a distance of approximately five meters – a walking stick can be provided if required).

Wheelchair users will inevitably activate the archway metal detector and our security staff are obliged to hand search the passenger and wheelchair in this situation. However, if you prefer, you may request to be searched in private, away from the main security control area.

If you are carrying liquids, gels, or pastes for medical reasons, in containers that contain more than 100ml, please ensure that you have a letter from your doctor confirming that these are required for medical reasons. Alternatively, you may provide a copy of the applicable prescription.