Types of assistance

The assistance provided will meet your needs, as pre-advised through your airline, tour operator or travel agent. The main categories of assistance provided by G4S are as follows:

Wheelchair assistance:

Wheelchair assistance from agreed point (this may be arrival means of transport or at check-in for example) to the aircraft steps, where you are able to use the steps to the aircraft cabin. The number and incline of the steps varies depending on the size of aircraft. We are happy to provide further advice or information to allow you to make an informed decision as to the assistance you may require.

Wheelchair assistance to the aircraft cabin from agreed point: Wheelchair assistance will be provided to the aircraft door. G4S will use the Ambulift vehicle to transfer you from ground level to the aircraft cabin, from where you can walk to your seat.

Wheelchair assistance to the aircraft seat from agreed point: G4S will provide wheelchair transport to the aircraft and then use the Ambulift to reach the cabin. Finally an aisle chair will be used to transport you to your seat on board the aircraft before assisting you into your seat.

(It is likely that you can remain in your own wheelchair until you reach the aircraft or as described above).

Mobility assistance:

Electric mobility aids: Depending on the level of assistance required (as per above), G4S will agree with you as to when you will transfer from your mobility aid to a wheelchair or aisle chair so that your mobility aid can be loaded into the aircraft hold. G4S may ask you some questions about your mobility aid so that it is safely and securely loaded on to the aircraft by the airline.

Other assistance types:

Deaf / blind (or combination): G4S will agree with you the appropriate level of assistance you require to reach your seat on-board the aircraft.

Intellectual or developmental disability: Assistance should be pre-booked with the airline or tour operator. On meeting you at the airport, G4S will confirm the level of assistance you require to reach your flight*.

Assistance dogs: It is important that you pre-book this with your airline, to ensure that both the airline and destination airport are approved to carry assistance dogs. Find out more about assistance dogs

*In some circumstances (intellectual or developmental disability for example), it may be beneficial to undertake a familiarisation visit to the airport in advance of the actual flight date. We are happy to facilitate this. Please contact us should you wish to discuss any aspect of the assistance you may require at the airport.

On departure:

• From the car park, bus stop or taxi point into the terminal.
• From the designated waiting points to the terminal.
• At the check-in counter or kiosk or bag drop point for your airline.
• From the check-in area to and through the Security area.
• From the Security area to the Departure Lounge or directly to your gate if this has been announced.
• Assistance to move to the toilet facilities if required.
• Boarding the aircraft from the gate. G4S will provide assistance and equipment which meets your needs.
• Assistance from the aircraft door to your seat.

Once on board the aircraft, the airline will provide assistance until you arrive at your destination.

On arrival:

• To disembark the aircraft with assistance and equipment which meets your needs as advised to your airline or tour operator.
• From the aircraft to Passport Control (if applicable).
• Assistance to identify and collect your luggage at the baggage reclaim.
• Assistance through Customs channels (if applicable).
• Reunite you with mobility equipment at the aircraft or baggage reclaim as agreed with your airline.
• From the baggage reclaim to the car park, bus-stop or taxi rank or to a designated point.

In transit:

• Assistance will be provided which meets your needs to facilitate transfer between arriving and departing flights as described above.

Accompanying person:

If you are travelling with an accompanying person, this person, if requested, may provide or assist G4S in providing the necessary assistance within the airport and for embarking or disembarking.

It is important to plan your time in the airport. If you are a passenger with reduced mobility or special needs, assistance may be necessary and you should allow additional time within the terminal.

To receive assistance you must arrive at a designated point no later than two hours before the published flight departure time, or you must present yourself for check-in no later than one hour before the published departure time, unless otherwise advised by your airline, tour operator or travel agent.