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Advertise at Aberdeen Airport

53% of passengers travel for business purpose

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Advertise at Aberdeen International Airport

The airport provides a totally unique environment for advertisers to reach an affluent and influential audience. Offering high dwell time, impactful advertising opportunities and a captive audience who are in a receptive mind set, airport advertising is an effective and powerful communications platform. Having a presence at the airport offers brands associations with internationality and prestige, but most importantly provides access to some of the most important and hard to reach audiences from around the globe.

Key stats:

  • The mostĀ influential 10%Ā of the population are 4x more likely to be found at the airport
  • Key decision makers areĀ 76% more likelyĀ to be found at the airport
  • 83%Ā of global frequent travellers feel brands advertised at the airport areĀ prestigious
  • Aberdeen has theĀ highest business birthĀ rate outside of London
  • 53%Ā of passengers at Aberdeen Airport are travelling forĀ business purposes


Greig Slatter,Ā