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Continuous Improvement

If you use our Aberdeen Airport app on android or iOS, we will collect some session user information for the purposes of continuous improvement.

This includes monitoring the app for crashes, popular sections of the app and push notification analysis.

This information is shared with Fire Base (which is our App analytics platform), Five Flames mobile (our App developers) and SalesForce (our customer relationship management system).



The Aberdeen Airport app uses Bluetooth technology, via beacons, within the terminal building and car parks.

If the App is downloaded, and Bluetooth enabled, this will generate push notifications relating to airport services and offers from both the airport and our partners.


Location Settings

Whilst using the app, if you enable location settings on your device the app will help you navigate from your location to Aberdeen Airport.

If location settings are enabled within the app you may also receive geo-triggered push notifications when you enter the airport perimeter.

Your location is not shared with Aberdeen Airport.



If you create an account with us, you will be asked for some details relevant to the account creation.

You will also be given the opportunity to ‘opt in’ to offers and marketing information.

You can unsubscribe at any time by changing your settings in the account, or you can even delete your account altogether.

Creating an account will tailor the app experience and, if you have ‘opted in’, will mean you may receive personalised push notifications from Aberdeen Airport and our partners. 


Boarding Card

The boarding card function allows customers to quickly and conveniently track their flight by scanning the boarding card.

The boarding card information is not stored anywhere and is only read, for the purpose of then tracking the flight.

This information is not shared with Aberdeen Airport.


Augmented Reality (AR) Bag Checker

The augmented reality (AR) bag checker allows customers to quickly check if their bag will fit in the aircraft cabin. 

The AR bag checker is a guide only and the information is only stored locally on the app, which is on your device, at the time you are using the checker.

When you leave the AR bag checker section of the app, the information is forgotten.

This information is not shared with Aberdeen Airport.