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ID Centre

All you need to know about Aberdeen Airport's ID Centre

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All the ID pass scheme's rules are contained in one convenient document, the ID Pass Application Standard 2017.  This document details the requirements for each type of pass including passes for vehicles.

Comprehensive requirements for the application of a Full ID Pass are contained separately within the Full Airside ID Pass Guidelines.

Most of the regulations set out the ways in which we can authorise and verify access to the critical part of the security restricted area of our airports are contained in the European Regulation Direction 185/2010 (published April 2010).

We have used this direction to prepare the ID Pass Application Standard 2017. Please note that this is an important document and you must agree to keep it where it cannot be accessed by others and destroy it in a secure manner when you no longer require it.

ID Pass Application Standard 2017 (PDF)

Full Airside ID Pass Guidelines (PDF)



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