Local environment

For more than 80 years Aberdeen Airport has been a proud cornerstone of the North East of Scotland and a significant contributor to the local economy. We are proud of our Airport, and that pride is matched by a sense of responsibility. We recognise the need to enhance the social and economic benefits whilst at the same time managing the environmental impacts of airport operations and being sensitive to our local environment. Achieving the correct balance between business growth and environmental sensitivity will ensure that we continue to enjoy the trust of our many stakeholders.

To demonstrate our commitment to our local environment Aberdeen Airport has published a series of sustainability commitments:

  1. Enhance the economic and social benefits of Aberdeen Airport.
  2. Seek to prevent, reduce or offset Aberdeen’s effects on the environment and local communities, and work with others to ensure that the airport plays its role in respecting environmental limits.
  3. Provide good conditions of employment, respect diversity and equal opportunity for all staff.
  4. To provide a safe and secure airport for staff and passengers.
  5. To demonstrate effective management of the airport’s equipment and facilities.

The Aberdeen Airport management team are responsible for ensuring that these commitments are delivered.