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City Breaks

City breaks direct from Aberdeen Airport

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Plan The Perfect City Break

Do you just want to get away for a couple of days? A city break is the ideal way to relax and have fun without having to spend too much money or take a lot of time off work. Book off a long weekend and go explore somewhere new.

City Breaks tend to take less budgeting and can often cost a lot less. This also makes them easy to fit into your lifestyle and save up for. Many of our airline partners offer awesome deals available throughout the year, such as weekend package deals.

Fortunately, Aberdeen Airport provides routes to some of Europe's most idyllic metropolitan hubs. From private boating tours on the scenic fjords of Bergen to special exhibits at the museums of Gdansk, the options for crafting your next city break are nearly endless.



Amsterdam is an effortlessly trendy, hip, and stylish city that is famous for its pristine waterways, distinctive architecture, and fascinating museums. Known as a perennial contender for the most liberal city in all of Europe, Amsterdam has an overall atmosphere that is very relaxed and welcoming to visitors. Locals and tourists alike love to dine at Amsterdam's famous cafes, and many of the city's waterways have hiking paths that make them easy to explore on foot. Private boat tours of the canals are also available, and options range from all-inclusive dinner arrangements to raft rentals for the afternoon. 

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Once the capital of Norway, the coastal city of Bergen has some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Europe. Hillside houses dot Bergen's pristine, mountainous landscape, and the city's cobblestone alleys give rise to a quaint feel. Local shops line the streets with merchandise on offer from some of Norway's most skilled artisans, so you will certainly have no shortage of interesting souvenir options to choose from. Above all else, however, Bergen is known for being situated between several of Norway's world-famous fjords. Bergen's local tour operators offer an extensive selection of boat tours and cruises to choose from. 

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Fly from Aberdeen International Airport to Copenhagen, the scenic capital of Denmark, for a glimpse of the city's world-renowned architecture. With famous beer breweries, delicious food, and the scenic Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen provides a wide variety of opportunities for both sightseeing and relaxing. If you're an avid cyclist, then you'll enjoy the well-maintained bike paths that wind through Copenhagen's colourful streets. For foodies, the city's best culinary offerings range from authentic Danish pastries to 20-course gourmet meals. Copenhagen has something for everyone and is definitely an ideal city break.

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Located only a short flight away from Aberdeen, Dublin is as famous for the welcoming nature of its people as it is for its rich traditions. The city's famous Grafton Street is lined with some of the most popular pubs in all of Ireland, and local merchants always have handmade goods of the highest quality for sale. Concerts featuring traditional Irish folk bands happen nearly every night in Dublin, and the city's overall atmosphere is as festive as can be.

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Fly from Aberdeen International Airport to wonderful Gdansk for an unforgettable tour of historic monuments and classical architecture. As Poland's most famous port city, Gdansk is filled with historic churches, engaging museums, and medieval artwork from yesteryear. The people of Gdansk love tourists, and this city serves some of the most scrumptious food in all of Poland. Although much of Gdansk had to be reconstructed after it was the site of heavy bombing during World War II, some of the city's older parts have managed to survive in their original form.

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Riga, the vibrant capital of Latvia, sits at the mouth of the Daugava River and spans more than 115 square miles. Popular sightseeing destinations include the House Of The Black Heads, a historic mercantile hub that had to be reconstructed after being destroyed by the Nazi invasion of Latvia during the 1940s, and Riga's beautiful Town Hall Square. If you’re looking for a city break that has it all, a weekend in Riga is exactly what you need.

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Fly from Aberdeen Airport to Oslo, Norway’s capital and most populous city. Business and leisure travellers alike will enjoy a wide variety of attractions in this beautiful Scandinavian destination. From the fascinating natural beauty of the biggest park in Oslo to the eye-watering 60 metre high Holmenkollen Ski Museum and Ski Jump Tower, there's something for everyone to admire and enjoy.

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Whether you'd like to visit the historic ports of Bergen or have an adventure in Amsterdam, Aberdeen International Airport's convenient location makes it easy to fly into your destination, enjoy your city break, and return home whenever you need to. For a complete list of destinations, see our flight map!

Destination Map

Destination Map

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