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Ireland's charming capital


Ireland's charming capital


Ireland's charming capital

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Fly from Aberdeen Airport to Dublin, capital of Ireland, and experience its rich history, cosmopolitan atmosphere along with many great independent shops, cafes and restaurants.

Guinness Storehouse

Visit one of the most popular Irish attractions to find out more about one of the most iconic beers worldwide. Embedded in Ireland’s heritage, this former Guinness fermentation plant will teach you about everything you ever wanted to know about this beer.

National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology

Located on Kildare Street, this department of the National Museum of Ireland offers unique examples of Celtic and Medieval art such as the Tara Brooch and the Derrynaflan Hoard. The museum also features one of the finest collections of prehistoric gold artefacts in Europe.

Temple Bar

Temple Bar is one of the oldest parts of Dublin with its history going all the way back to Vikings. In the modern era, Temple Bar represents Dublin’s cultural quarter at its best. From quirky shops to great restaurants and authentic pubs, Temple Bar has it all.

Phoenix Park

With 707 hectares the Phoenix Park is one of the the largest urban parks in Europe. Take a walk and catch a glimpse on the herd of fallow deer living here since the 17th century. The Dublin Zoo is located in the Phoenix Park as well.


Dublin is surrounded by the sea and a magnificent landscape. Take a break from the daily routine and hike in the mountains located 13 km to the south of the city. The Dublin Mountains Way belongs to the 1.001 most scenic walk worldwide.

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Activities in Dublin

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Dublin

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
09:30 11:10 DUB Loganair LM51 26/03/23-22/10/23
09:35 11:10 DUB Aer Lingus EI3243 24/01/23-22/03/23
09:50 11:25 DUB Loganair LM51 23/01/23-27/10/23
09:50 11:25 DUB Loganair LM51 24/01/23-31/01/23
10:05 11:40 DUB Loganair LM51 10/06/23-02/09/23
10:30 11:50 DUB Loganair LM51 01/04/23-28/10/23
10:30 11:55 DUB Loganair LM51 07/02/23-07/02/23
10:35 12:10 DUB Loganair LM51 28/02/23-28/02/23
13:00 14:35 DUB Aer Lingus EI3243 28/01/23-25/03/23
13:00 14:35 DUB Loganair LM53 12/03/23-12/03/23
13:00 14:35 DUB Loganair LM53 29/01/23-19/03/23
16:10 17:50 DUB Aer Lingus EI3243 26/03/23-28/10/23
17:00 18:35 DUB Aer Lingus EI3243 23/01/23-23/03/23
17:00 18:40 DUB Aer Lingus EI3243 27/01/23-24/03/23

Flights arriving from Dublin

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
07:30 09:05 DUB Aer Lingus EI3242 24/01/23-22/03/23
11:00 12:35 DUB Aer Lingus EI3242 28/01/23-25/03/23
12:00 13:35 DUB Loganair LM52 26/03/23-22/10/23
12:05 13:45 DUB Loganair LM52 27/01/23-27/10/23
12:10 13:50 DUB Loganair LM52 23/01/23-23/03/23
12:10 13:50 DUB Loganair LM52 24/01/23-02/09/23
12:20 13:40 DUB Loganair LM52 01/04/23-28/10/23
12:25 13:45 DUB Loganair LM52 07/02/23-07/02/23
12:40 14:20 DUB Loganair LM52 28/02/23-28/02/23
14:00 15:40 DUB Aer Lingus EI3242 26/03/23-28/10/23
14:55 16:30 DUB Aer Lingus EI3242 23/01/23-24/03/23
15:15 16:55 DUB Loganair LM54 12/03/23-12/03/23
15:15 16:55 DUB Loganair LM54 29/01/23-19/03/23

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