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Visit Northern Ireland's capital


Visit Northern Ireland's capital


Visit Northern Ireland's capital

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Northern Ireland’s capital has a habit of surprising first-time visitors – today’s Belfast has become a deservedly popular travel destination. The centre’s graceful Victorian architecture, lively pubs and clubs and regenerated shopping districts provide a platform for a buzzing cultural scene, while the recent publicity around the anniversary of the Titanic’s voyage has helped to draw fresh visitor attention.

A titanic legacy

The RMS Titanic was constructed in the shipyards right here in Belfast, and since 2012 there’s been a huge museum (1 Olympic Way) dedicated to the vessel’s ill-fated tale. It’s quite an experience, with visitors given great insight into how the luxurious liner was fitted out, as well as being treated to high-definition footage of the wreck itself. Since 2013, it’s also been possible to step aboard the nearby SS Nomadic (Hamilton Dock), the steamship which ferried first-class passengers to the Titanic. 

Delve into the past

Belfast’s political history has often been an uneasy one, and it remains a common activity for curious visitors to take guided black-cab tours of Shankill and Falls Roads, where various murals are still on display. On a different note, there are also two fantastic heritage museums – the UlsterAmericanFolkPark (2 Mellon Road), which focuses on US emigration, and the equally absorbing UlsterFolk & TransportMuseum (153 Bangor Road).

Look further afield

Belfast makes a good base for exploring the coast and countryside of Northern Ireland. The most obvious spot to head for is Giant’s Causeway – just 100km north of the city – but a short break to Belfast from Aberdeen Airport is also an opportunity to visit the likes of BarnettDemesnePark (Milltown Road), which is particularly beautiful in spring, and the National Trust-owned property The Argory (144 Derrycaw Road)

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Activities in Belfast

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Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
09:30 11:15 BHD Loganair LM85 07/05/21-21/05/21
10:00 11:10 BHD Loganair LM85 24/05/21-29/10/21
10:20 12:05 BHD Loganair LM85 19/04/21-17/05/21
10:50 11:55 BHD Loganair LM85 29/05/21-29/05/21
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Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
11:45 12:55 BHD Loganair LM86 24/05/21-29/10/21
11:45 13:35 BHD Loganair LM86 07/05/21-21/05/21
12:25 13:30 BHD Loganair LM86 29/05/21-29/05/21
12:25 13:30 BHD Loganair LM86 05/06/21-19/06/21
12:25 13:30 BHD Loganair LM86 23/06/21-30/10/21
12:35 14:25 BHD Loganair LM86 19/04/21-17/05/21
13:30 14:40 BHD Loganair LM86 27/06/21-24/10/21
16:05 17:15 BHD Loganair LM86 30/05/21-20/06/21

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