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Discover the Old Town of Stavanger with spectacular views of nature


Discover the Old Town of Stavanger with spectacular views of nature


Discover the Old Town of Stavanger with spectacular views of nature

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Fly from Aberdeen Airport to Stavanger, the Norwegian destination with much more to offer than just an energy city! Norway’s 4th largest city offers some spectacular natural sights set in a fascinating mix of old and new.

Preikestolen – ‘Preacher’s Pulpit’

The Preikstolen cliff-top is a famous attraction for visitors to Norway, and has to be one of Europe’s best natural viewpoints. Standing at a mighty 604 metres high, Preikestolen which translates as ‘Preacher’s Pulpit’ offers stunning views of the lush green valleys of the Ryfylke region.

Norwegian Petroleum Museum

No mention of Stavanger can be made without a reference to energy. Considered a ‘twin city’ to Aberdeen, Stavanger has a rich history within the energy industry, and this is brought to life at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. Visitors can expect to see the history of the sector including safety vessels, heavy equipment and seafarers.


Kjeragbolten is a boulder wedged into the middle of the Kjerag Mountain in Rogaland, Norway. The boulder makes for a fantastic photo opportunity and famously featured in the YouTube viral hit video ‘Where the hell is Matt?’ It’s not for the faint-hearted though, with a 5m3 surface and 984m drop below.

Old Stavanger

Discover the historical Old Town of Stavanger. Take a walk here and enjoy the charming atmosphere created by cobblestone streets and small wooden houses with all have white facades. In this district you can also learn about Stavanger’s seafaring past in the Maritime Museum or explore the history of the city’s fishing history in the Norwegian Fish Canning Museum.


Enjoy stunning views on scenic nature at Lysefjord, a 23 miles long cleft in the mountains. Admire the about 3000 feet high rocky walls dropping to the water and thus witness breathtaking remains of the last Ice Age more than 10,000 years ago.

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Activities in Stavanger

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Stavanger

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
08:20 10:35 SVG Wideroe WF363 19/08/24-19/06/25
09:55 12:00 SVG SAS SK4612 12/08/24-25/06/25
10:20 12:20 SVG SAS SK4612 28/10/24-28/03/25
10:20 12:20 SVG SAS SK4612 15/01/25-26/02/25
10:35 12:40 SVG SAS SK4612 15/07/24-15/07/25
11:40 13:45 SVG SAS SK4612 19/07/24-11/07/25
12:55 15:10 SVG Wideroe WF365 31/10/24-27/03/25
13:30 15:35 SVG SAS SK4598 26/08/24-30/08/24
15:00 17:05 SVG SAS SK4616 21/07/24-13/07/25
16:30 18:45 SVG Wideroe WF369 15/07/24-15/07/25
17:55 19:55 SVG SAS SK4616 28/10/24-27/03/25
17:55 19:55 SVG SAS SK4616 01/11/24-28/03/25
18:00 20:05 SVG SAS SK4616 12/08/24-25/06/25
19:40 21:45 SVG SAS SK4616 11/08/24-22/06/25
19:40 21:45 SVG SAS SK4616 25/08/24-25/08/24
19:55 21:55 SVG SAS SK4616 27/10/24-23/03/25

Flights arriving from Stavanger

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
07:30 07:50 SVG Wideroe WF362 19/08/24-19/06/25
09:15 09:20 SVG SAS SK4611 12/08/24-25/06/25
09:30 09:40 SVG SAS SK4611 28/10/24-28/03/25
09:30 09:40 SVG SAS SK4611 15/01/25-26/02/25
09:55 10:00 SVG SAS SK4611 15/07/24-15/07/25
11:00 11:05 SVG SAS SK4611 19/07/24-11/07/25
12:05 12:25 SVG Wideroe WF364 31/10/24-27/03/25
12:50 12:55 SVG SAS SK4597 26/08/24-30/08/24
14:20 14:25 SVG SAS SK4615 21/07/24-13/07/25
15:40 16:00 SVG Wideroe WF368 15/07/24-15/07/25
17:05 17:15 SVG SAS SK4615 28/10/24-27/03/25
17:05 17:15 SVG SAS SK4615 01/11/24-28/03/25
17:15 17:20 SVG SAS SK4615 12/08/24-25/06/25
18:55 19:00 SVG SAS SK4615 11/08/24-22/06/25
18:55 19:00 SVG SAS SK4615 25/08/24-25/08/24
19:05 19:15 SVG SAS SK4615 27/10/24-23/03/25

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