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A city steeped in history blended with a 21st century modern twist


A city steeped in history blended with a 21st century modern twist


A city steeped in history blended with a 21st century modern twist

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Fly from Aberdeen Airport to Norwich, a city steeped in history blended with a 21st century modern twist. From the Norfolk Broads to Roman remains, Norwich offers a variety of attractions that will keep visitors entertained.

The Norwich 12

These 12 buildings are listed as the most iconic in Norwich, with internationally important medieval, Georgian, Victorian and Norman developments culminating into one of the UK’s finest showcases of historic architecture. Some of the buildings include Norwich Castle, Dragon Hall, and the St. John Baptist Cathedral.

The Norfolk Broads

Described by many as “Britain’s magical waterland”, the Norfolk Broads are a must for any visitor to Norwich. These uniquely beautiful broads and rivers connect over 200km of lock-free and navigable waterways, where visitors can stop by tranquil villages, explore market towns, or kick-back at riverside pubs and restaurants.

Banham Zoo

Banham Zoo is a fantastic family day out with over 2,000 animals including tigers, snow leopards, monkeys, meerkats and more! Spread over 50 acres of parks and gardens, the zoo also offer educational presentations, animal shows and interactive experiences.

Blakeney National Nature Reserve

Walk the lovely paths through the Blakeney National Nature Reserve and enjoy stunning views on untouched nature. The area is home to a variety of bird colonies and unusual plants as well as both grey and common seals.


As Norwich is located at the Mid-Norfolk Railway and therefore provides good connections to other railways as well, it is highly recommended to explore the region and its lovely towns by train. If you are lucky, you will be able to catch a glimpse of a steam locomotive which is running during certain times of the year.

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Activities in Norwich

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Norwich

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:40 08:00 NWI British Airways BA7812 09/06/23-29/03/24
06:40 08:00 NWI Blue Islands SI7012 09/06/23-31/05/24
06:40 08:00 NWI Loganair LM12 09/06/23-29/03/24
06:45 08:05 NWI British Airways BA7812 05/06/23-28/03/24
06:45 08:05 NWI Blue Islands SI7012 05/06/23-05/06/24
06:45 08:05 NWI Loganair LM12 05/06/23-28/03/24
14:10 15:30 NWI British Airways BA7816 09/06/23-29/03/24
14:10 15:30 NWI Blue Islands SI7016 09/06/23-31/05/24
14:10 15:30 NWI Loganair LM16 09/06/23-29/03/24
14:45 16:05 NWI British Airways BA7816 11/06/23-24/03/24
14:45 16:05 NWI Blue Islands SI7016 11/06/23-02/06/24
14:45 16:05 NWI Loganair LM16 11/06/23-24/03/24
16:00 17:20 NWI British Airways BA7816 05/06/23-28/03/24
16:00 17:20 NWI Blue Islands SI7016 05/06/23-05/06/24
16:00 17:20 NWI Loganair LM16 05/06/23-28/03/24

Flights arriving from Norwich

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
08:30 09:45 NWI British Airways BA7811 09/06/23-29/03/24
08:30 09:45 NWI Loganair LM11 09/06/23-29/03/24
08:30 09:45 NWI Blue Islands SI7011 09/06/23-31/05/24
08:35 09:55 NWI Loganair LM11 05/06/23-28/03/24
08:35 09:55 NWI Blue Islands SI7011 05/06/23-05/06/24
08:35 09:55 NWI British Airways BA7811 05/06/23-28/03/24
12:35 13:55 NWI Loganair LM11 15/06/23-21/03/24
12:35 13:55 NWI Blue Islands SI7011 15/06/23-19/10/23
12:35 13:55 NWI British Airways BA7811 15/06/23-21/03/24
16:00 17:20 NWI Loganair LM15 09/06/23-29/03/24
16:00 17:20 NWI Blue Islands SI7015 09/06/23-31/05/24
16:00 17:20 NWI British Airways BA7815 09/06/23-29/03/24
16:35 17:55 NWI Blue Islands SI7015 11/06/23-02/06/24
16:35 17:55 NWI British Airways BA7815 11/06/23-24/03/24
16:35 17:55 NWI Loganair LM15 11/06/23-24/03/24
17:55 19:15 NWI Blue Islands SI7015 05/06/23-05/06/24
17:55 19:15 NWI British Airways BA7815 05/06/23-28/03/24
17:55 19:15 NWI Loganair LM15 05/06/23-28/03/24

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