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A bustling and vibrant treasure

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A bustling and vibrant treasure

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A bustling and vibrant treasure

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Fly from Aberdeen Airport to Manchester to uncover Britain’s second city – a bustling and vibrant treasure packed with things to see and do. From the cobbles of Corrie to Old Trafford there’s something for everyone in this exciting destination.

Football heritage

You simply cannot speak about Manchester without mentioning football. The city is a football fan’s haven with ‘local’ teams Manchester United and Manchester City offering everything from stadium tours to full blown hospitality packages. Make sure you take a visit to the National Football Museum – a spectacular glass building housing a huge repertoire of soccer memorabilia including trophies, historic kits, and an impressive Hall of Fame.

Royal Exchange Theatre

A staple in Manchester’s theatrical heritage, the Royal Exchange encompasses 760 seats with none more than 9 metres from the circular stage. Go here to enjoy classic productions from the likes of William Shakespare and Oscar Wilde in a beautiful architectural setting right in the middle of Manchester.

Shopping at the Arndale Centre

If you’re into shopping until you drop look no further than Manchester’s Arndale Centre! Home to more than 200 shops from boutiques right through to major department stores, delis and restaurants - the Arndale is a retail haven with something to fit every size, shape and budget.


Searching for culture? HOME is Manchester’s centre for international contemporary art, theatre, film and books. The centre was formed by Counterhouse and the Library Theatre Company, two of the best-loved arts organisations of the city that really know their business. The diverse offers promise pleasure for everyone.


Manchester is home to many interesting museums. Learn about cultures from all over the world in the Manchester Museum, explore the world of science and industry in the Museum of Science and Industry and catch a glimpse of over 5,000 underwater creatures in the Manchester Sea Life Centre.

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Activities in Manchester

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Manchester

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:30 07:50 MAN Blue Islands SI7021 29/03/21-22/02/22
06:30 07:50 MAN Loganair LM21 29/03/21-29/10/21
07:00 08:20 MAN Loganair LM21 03/04/21-30/10/21
07:00 08:20 MAN Blue Islands SI7021 03/04/21-19/02/22
10:15 11:30 MAN Blue Islands SI7023 28/03/21-20/02/22
10:15 11:30 MAN Loganair LM23 28/03/21-24/10/21
10:25 11:45 MAN Loganair LM23 29/03/21-28/10/21
10:25 11:45 MAN Blue Islands SI7023 29/03/21-22/02/22
13:15 14:40 MAN Blue Islands SI7029 28/02/21-28/02/21
13:15 14:40 MAN Loganair LM29 28/02/21-28/02/21
14:00 15:25 MAN Loganair LM25 29/03/21-29/10/21
15:20 16:35 MAN Blue Islands SI7029 01/03/21-26/03/21
15:20 16:35 MAN Loganair LM29 01/03/21-26/03/21
15:30 16:55 MAN Blue Islands SI7029 22/02/21-26/02/21
15:30 16:55 MAN Loganair LM29 22/02/21-26/02/21
18:00 19:20 MAN Loganair LM27 28/03/21-29/10/21
18:00 19:20 MAN Blue Islands SI7027 28/03/21-22/02/22

Flights arriving from Manchester

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
08:30 09:50 MAN Blue Islands SI7022 29/03/21-22/02/22
08:30 09:50 MAN Loganair LM22 29/03/21-29/10/21
08:55 10:15 MAN Loganair LM22 03/04/21-30/10/21
08:55 10:15 MAN Blue Islands SI7022 03/04/21-19/02/22
12:05 13:20 MAN Blue Islands SI7024 28/03/21-20/02/22
12:05 13:20 MAN Loganair LM24 28/03/21-24/10/21
12:15 13:35 MAN Loganair LM24 29/03/21-28/10/21
12:15 13:35 MAN Blue Islands SI7024 29/03/21-22/02/22
15:10 16:35 MAN Blue Islands SI7030 28/02/21-28/02/21
15:10 16:35 MAN Loganair LM30 28/02/21-28/02/21
16:00 17:25 MAN Loganair LM26 29/03/21-29/10/21
17:05 18:20 MAN Blue Islands SI7030 01/03/21-26/03/21
17:05 18:20 MAN Loganair LM30 01/03/21-26/03/21
17:30 18:55 MAN Blue Islands SI7030 22/02/21-26/02/21
17:30 18:55 MAN Loganair LM30 22/02/21-26/02/21
19:55 21:15 MAN Loganair LM28 28/03/21-29/10/21
19:55 21:15 MAN Blue Islands SI7028 28/03/21-22/02/22

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