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Enjoy premium shopping at the Bull Ring

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Enjoy premium shopping at the Bull Ring

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Enjoy premium shopping at the Bull Ring

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Fly from Aberdeen Airport to Birmingham and experience premium shopping in a cosmopolitan city with more miles of canals than Venice.

The Bull Ring

Packed with over 160 shops and over 25 eateries, this lively shopping centre has an average annual footfall of 38 million people. Built on an old market site dating back to the 12th century, the modern Bull Ring offers a quality shopping experience in the heart of Birmingham.

Back to Backs

The last surviving back-to-back houses in Birmingham have now been transformed into a fascinating museum which offers guided tours for people wishing to step back in time and explore the lives of working-class families in the 19th century.

Cadbury World

Currently featuring 14 story-telling zones, Cadbury World is one of Birmingham’s top leisure attractions. It offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about how Cadbury became one of the biggest confectionery brands in the world, and also provides an insight into the history of chocolate in general. If you're a Dairy Milk, Crunchie or Bournville fan, you'll love Cadbury World!

Glee Club Birmingham

Looking for a good laugh? The Glee Club Birmingham, a comedy club and live music venue since 1994, has been awarded with several comedy industry awards. Every weekend, big names in comedy and music present an outstanding show for an affordable price. Even the lesser known acts are worth a watch, as artists including Adele and Mumford and Sons played the Glee Club back in the early days of their careers.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery displays centuries of European history and culture in more than 40 galleries. Art collections of both local and international importance, covering fine art, ceramics, natural history, archaeology and much more, are waiting to be explored.

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Activities in Birmingham

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Birmingham

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:45 08:10 BHX Loganair LM61 29/03/21-28/10/21
07:25 08:55 BHX Loganair LM61 03/04/21-30/10/21
10:40 12:05 BHX Loganair LM63 28/03/21-29/10/21
13:00 14:30 BHX Blue Islands SI7182 11/01/21-26/03/21
13:00 14:30 BHX Loganair LM582 01/02/21-26/03/21
14:15 15:40 BHX Loganair LM65 30/03/21-28/10/21
16:00 17:25 BHX Loganair LM67 29/03/21-25/10/21
17:40 19:20 BHX Loganair LM67 07/02/21-21/03/21
18:10 19:35 BHX Loganair LM67 28/03/21-29/10/21

Flights arriving from Birmingham

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
08:40 10:05 BHX Loganair LM62 29/03/21-28/10/21
12:35 14:00 BHX Loganair LM64 28/03/21-29/10/21
13:35 15:05 BHX Loganair LM64 03/04/21-30/10/21
15:10 16:40 BHX Blue Islands SI7183 11/01/21-26/03/21
15:10 16:40 BHX Loganair LM583 01/02/21-26/03/21
16:10 17:35 BHX Loganair LM66 30/03/21-28/10/21
17:55 19:20 BHX Loganair LM68 29/03/21-25/10/21
19:50 21:30 BHX Loganair LM68 07/02/21-21/03/21
20:05 21:30 BHX Loganair LM68 28/03/21-29/10/21

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