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Enjoy the traditional way of life


Enjoy the traditional way of life


Enjoy the traditional way of life

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Dalaman is a famous holiday hotspot on the Turkish south coast where visitors enjoy white sand beaches, blue-green waters and the great nightlife it has to offer.

Night out in Marmaris

Start off with a dinner on a yacht and continue your evening in one of the many party establishments packed in the heart of Marmaris. Famous for its night life, Marmaris offers everything from karaoke bars and 60s disco to high-end modern nightclubs.

Sedir Island

This beautiful island, also known as Cleopatra Island due to its famous historical visitor, is famous for its beach made of seashells, which gives it its unique characteristics. It is said that some of the sand has been brought over from the Red Sea itself for Cleopatra and Mark Antonius.

Olu Deniz Bay

Famous for its famous Blue Lagoon beach, this bay and its well-known beach is one of the most popular and photographed areas in Turkey. This blue flag-winning sand beach is also surrounded by beautiful national park in the background.

Traditional dishes

Try some traditional Turkish food on your visit to Dalaman. On the road to the beach there are many promenade restaurants offering traditional dishes such as calamari, kebab and Turkish-style pizzas. While enjoying the food, watch some paragliders crossing the venue.

Day trip to Fethiye

Experience the traditional way of life in Fethiye. The weekly market, old town and marina provide a welcoming atmosphere. Also explore the seaside by joining boat trips or diving courses, relax at the beach and end the day in one of the restaurants and bars.

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Activities in Dalaman

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Dalaman

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
18:25 00:50 DLM TUI Airways TOM814 07/07/24-20/10/24
18:25 00:50 DLM TUI Airways TOM814 16/06/24-30/06/24
18:30 00:55 DLM TUI Airways TOM540 13/06/24-24/10/24

Flights arriving from Dalaman

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
14:25 17:05 DLM TUI Airways TOM815 07/07/24-20/10/24
14:25 17:05 DLM TUI Airways TOM815 16/06/24-30/06/24
14:40 17:20 DLM TUI Airways TOM541 13/06/24-24/10/24
15:25 17:05 DLM TUI Airways TOM815 27/10/24-27/10/24
15:30 17:10 DLM TUI Airways TOM541 31/10/24-31/10/24

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