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On the stunning west coast of Denmark

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On the stunning west coast of Denmark

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On the stunning west coast of Denmark

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Fly from Aberdeen Airport to Esbjerg, 5th most populated Danish city, located on the west coast of Denmark and learn about its fishing history and what it has to offer to its visitors.

Fisheries and Maritime Museum

Embedded in city’s history, fishing and maritime industries have been essential for its development through the centuries. Visit a great Fisheries and Maritime Museum to learn about it. It also features a superb aquarium in its complex.

LegoLand Billund

Located just 45 minutes from Esbjerg, LegoLand Billund is the ideal family day out. Marvel at massive Lego structures and experience a wide variety of thrill rides that will take your breath away!

Fanø Island

Sometimes written as Fanoe Island, this small island is located close to Esbjerg’s harbour It offers peace and tranquillity in a beautiful setting along with many museum and galleries located on the island.

Man meets the Sea

These 9m tall white sculptures are located in city’s harbour meet all ships coming in the port. Four sculptures were first unveiled in 1995 and remain to date one of the city’s top landmarks.

Wadden Sea

Visit the Wadden Sea Centre and learn everything about the Danish Wadden Sea which has the status as national park since 2010. Join the tours, experience the unique marsh landscape and catch a glimpse on about 12 million birds, which visit the area twice each year, and the large population of seals.

Svømmestadion Denmark

Have a fun day at Svømmestadion Denmark which is the largest bathing and swimming facility in the country. While the waterpark promises fun and action for young and old, the spa and wellness area invites to relax.

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Activities in Esbjerg

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Esbjerg

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
10:10 12:55 EBJ FlexFlight W2965 31/07/20-23/10/20
10:10 12:55 EBJ Danish Air DX19 11/09/20-23/07/21
10:20 12:45 EBJ Loganair LM57 27/07/20-30/08/20
12:05 14:50 EBJ FlexFlight W2965 27/07/20-19/10/20
12:05 14:50 EBJ Danish Air DX19 07/09/20-26/07/21
13:45 16:30 EBJ FlexFlight W2965 29/07/20-21/10/20
13:45 16:30 EBJ Danish Air DX19 09/09/20-21/07/21
13:50 16:15 EBJ Loganair LM57 31/08/20-26/03/21

Flights arriving from Esbjerg

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
08:40 09:25 EBJ FlexFlight W2964 31/07/20-23/10/20
08:40 09:25 EBJ Danish Air DX18 11/09/20-23/07/21
10:40 11:25 EBJ FlexFlight W2964 27/07/20-19/10/20
10:40 11:25 EBJ Danish Air DX18 07/09/20-26/07/21
12:20 13:05 EBJ FlexFlight W2964 29/07/20-21/10/20
12:20 13:05 EBJ Danish Air DX18 09/09/20-21/07/21
13:15 13:40 EBJ Loganair LM58 27/07/20-30/08/20
16:45 17:10 EBJ Loganair LM58 31/08/20-26/03/21

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