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Choose Bourgas and enjoy historical and welcoming seaside resorts on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and fantastic non-Euro value for money too!

Old Nessebar 

This UNESCO World Heritage-listed site is packed with more than 3 millennia of history and many ancient civilizations. Wander around narrow, cobblestone streets and explore ruins of around 40 churches built throughout the history.

Ravadinovo Castle 

Located just a few miles from Sozopol, Ravadinovo Castle is a unique tourist addition to the area. Although this is not a historical structure and its design can be described as slightly unusual for the area, it is a spectacular and romantic place to visit.

Strandja Nature Park 

Strandja Nature Park is the largest protected area in Bulgaria located near the Strandja Mountains. This wildlife paradise presents diverse fauna and flora and offers a range of outdoor activities from hiking trails to horse riding and cultural explorations.

Bird diversity 

Bourgas is surrounded by three lakes: Vaya lake, Atanasovsko lake and Mandrensko lake. Here you can observe a diverse bird population. Espescially in the area around Atanasovsko lake you can spot more than 70 percent of the species settled down in Bulgaria.

The Sea Gardens 

The Sea Gardens (Morska Gardina) stretch along the entire seafront of the city. Watch the waterfront, examine various graffiti art on the StenoGraffika wall, visit the open air theatre or enjoy some drinks or food – there is a lot to do for everyone.

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